Bonampak murals reproduction

Bonampak murals reproduction
Mayan leaders in discussion. One talks, many listen. Hieroglyphic text below. Replica mural from Bonampak, in Mexico City, Museum of Anthropology

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Welcome to the blog of the Multimedia Communication course taught by Prof. James Breiner.

Our first theory class will meet 8 a.m. Wednesday Sept. 6 in Aula 2 of the FCom building. 

We will be using this blog all semester to describe assignments .
You will submit your practice assignments to this blog in the comments section.

Students whose last name begins with A-L will be in Group 1, which will meet each Tuesday at noon in Aula 1560 of the Fcom building.

Students whose last name begins with M-Z will be in Group 2, which will meet each Thursday at 10 a.m. in Aula 1560 of the Fcom building.

Other online resources that might be of interest:

Homework for Sept. 13 Class

1. Read Blood, Rebecca, "Ten Tips For A Better Blog"She will give you some ideas for how to create an appealing blog

2. Read Foreword, Introduction and Chapter 1 of "Mediactive There are seven short sections to Chapter 1; be sure to read all of them. Gillmor will give you a good picture of where we are today with digital media, and how we got to this point.